Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deja vu

So after talking with GB, I bust out the new modem and try setting it up. The Comcast for Mac installation package still wants me to install the version of Internet Explorer that I used in 2000, and just opens up infinite windows when I do install it, so I boot up Vista in Parallels and try installing it through Windows. It's going well until it asks for my name, address, and phone number. I put in Elvira's information, and it doesn't understand. Internet is hard!

Alright, I just called and I’m typing this as I'm talking with Comcast. Only a few minutes on hold when you call at 11 p.m.! They confirmed the account information and are checking things out. Asking about the modem--I told them that because they apparently blocked the old MAC address, we are now using this modem. He says that they need to send us a new modem; I said no, you said yesterday we can use a different one, and this is a Motorola Surfboard (gnarly!) just like the old one. He says hold on, then came back and took the MAC address. Hold more, then takes the customer serial number from the modem. This time he forgets to put me on hold, and I can hear him talking with someone and laughing. I'm really hoping he calls me a name or something, but other than whatever lolocaust he's having, it seems ok. Finally, he comes back and says the exact same thing they said two days ago: they need to add our MAC address to their database, which the guy can’t do from where he is. He’ll give it to the Help Desk (I don’t know what that makes the people we keep talking to) and they’ll have it working by noon. I tell him this is what we were told two days ago, and he gives me a ticket number so I can get right back into my complaint when I end up calling tomorrow evening. Sweet.

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