Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh hai. I can haz interwebz?

GB calls them back because we haven’t heard from Elvira and our internet is still down. Here’s their story: When GB called to activate our internet a month ago, it confused Comcast. (Remember, our tech was supposed to show up on Friday, June 22. No one showed up. It was about to be a weekend, we wanted our internet, and it’s not that hard to set it up, so GBcalled Comcast, gave them Elvira’s account information and the MAC address from the cable modem that Elvira ordered from them and had shipped here, and got our internet working. All was well.) They had, without giving us any notice, changed our tech’s appointment from Friday, June 22, to Monday, June 25. Meanwhile, GB got our internet working. So I’m at work on Monday and I get a call from our front desk telling me there’s a Comcast person downstairs. I had been uneasy about allowing a Comcast tech in our apartment even while one of us was there, now that the apartment was empty (and yeah, our internet worked), there was no way I was letting them in. I asked the front desk to tell them that our connection had been set up and he could leave. That set off some silent, slow-moving shit storm at Comcast that took over three weeks to work through the system: because GB called Comcast himself to set it up (in effect doing exactly what the tech would have done, had he bothered to show up), no one was being billed for our internet! So, instead of notifying anyone, they flipped the switch and turned it off. I understand that if they weren’t able to bill anyone, maybe they didn’t have Elvira’s number or something. But why weren’t they able to bill anyone? GB gave them Elvira’s apartment and phone number when he called, and he gave them the MAC address. That should be enough to make the connection. Whatever; Comcast is sorry, and they’ll send someone out to fix it tomorrow evening around 5, which means GB has to leave work early.

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Point of clarification the account was set up with the assistance of the comcast rep