Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Thanks to the Consumerist readers who dropped by to leave comments on here and on the Consumerist story. I don't believe in karma or fate or Alanis Morissette's definition of ironic, but sure enough, as soon as Consumerist posted our story, Geoffrey finally made some progress with Comcast, and our internet is back up. For now.

I'm not quite sure what to do about this blog. I would like to go back to June and detail how when I first tried to sign up for Comcast internet, I bought the self-install kit at Best Buy, took it home, and soon encountered the first batch of many of Comcast's follies: not letting me use the install CD that came with the modem, suggesting that I install on my MacBook Pro a version of Internet Explorer that I used in school nearly a decade ago, having the web-based version of their install software be a file that isn't natively decompressable by OS X and requires StuffIt, and having the decompressed installer be completely useless unless my goal is to have Internet Explorer open up infinite "Welcome to Comcast" windows. That would be fun to explore.

Consumerist actually just hired me to handle their tip line emails and help pick out stories, and I've quickly realized that there are enough Comcast stories--unsolicited, no less--to do several posts each day just on Comcast's horrendous service. Maybe I'll link to the stories that get published. Maybe Consumerist can do an All Comcast Day or have a special WTF, Comcast feature or something.

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