Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Comcast doesn't care about brown people?

GB spends about an hour on the phone with them this time. When someone finally picks up, he pretends to be Elvira, and gives them the same information he gave them earlier. He is speaking with a slight Hispanic accent (GB has lived in Central and South America, so except for the deep voice, he sounds like Elvira), and he tells me that every person he talks to now is being really rude to him. He eventually gets in touch with someone competent, gives him our address, phone number, SSN, and MAC address, and holds for a while. When the guy comes back, he says he’s figured out the problem and he can fix it: Apparently, when they turned off the internet for no reason, they blocked the MAC address of the cable modem, so they have to call the data warehouse (wtf?) and let them know that our MAC address deserves the internet, or something. Data warehouse is closed; they’ll call first thing in the morning and internet should be working sometime in the a.m.

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